What Black Butler Character Are You?

Ignore the results, I was gonna make this more complicated than I did so I made less questions than necessary to make some of the assumptions I did in the results did I mention I don't care if I spell this wrong?

Do you like Yuya Matsus---a? He's talented! If this thing censored his name, I will act violently... >:( it did, didn't it? I am bored and sick so this is a horrible quiz.

Created by: Bookworm123
  1. If you were capable of killing, would you?
  2. What are your talents?
  3. Are you smart, average, or dumb?
  4. Are you a good person?
  5. Are you devoted to your friends?
  6. Are you devoted to your crush?
  7. If your loved one was in trouble would you help them?
  8. I made this because I was bored.
  9. Almost done!
  10. Done!

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Quiz topic: What Black Butler Character am I?