your bnha life long results (FOR GIRLS)

ok so this is my quiz ummm... so you can get a bunch of different results after only 10 questions I made this because all the other quizzes on the sucked so I hope you enjoy this one

oh you thought that was all I had 2 say well your wrong GoToQuiz makes me make 2 of these stupid paragraphs so I'm gonna just spam my keyboard GTHYUKCCTTYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIXC VUFV67O8J

Created by: Clara
  1. hi here let's begin the quiz
  2. what's your favorite quirk
  3. favorite of these characters
  4. how much do you hate endeavor
  5. pls don't kill me but what is your favorite color out of these
  6. RP time
  7. you have to fight Bakugo in the sports festival, what's your strategy
  8. Mineta asks you out how do you respond?
  9. ok so RP is over
  10. so this was my quiz all that's left is fate

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Quiz topic: My bnha life long results (FOR GIRLS)