A Tropical Love Story...with a few twists part 6

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=READ THIS= Okay little later than expected.sorry 'bout that.NONE IN JULY!!! i'll be in iowa and stuff. thanks for choosing this quiz.It will all get twisted up and down in the next few quizzes so watch out!enjoy...

Mark-Dark brown hair,deep green eyes,serious,born in london under the name Marklan Stephen Lyell. Element:Earth James-Black hair,Black eyes, sometimes serious not usually,charming,born in scotland under the name Jamisen spark element is FIRE Patrick-blonde hair,blue eyes,sorta jealous,born in France under the name Padraig Niccolo Lyell all are handsome enjoy...

Created by: cathedral
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  1. "Lets take a break and then I'll show you something,okay?" James says to you after practicing for awhile. "Yeah,alright." you agree and sit in quiet for a moment.
  2. "hey!I'm going to train her now!" Patrick calls out as he runs over to you guys. James stands up and says to him very firmly."She's been practicing fire for the past few hours.She can't do water NOW!Besides we are not done!"
  3. "You don't understand...we don't have much time!" Patrick says. "We are stuck on an island waiting for our company that has tried to kill us come.We have time!" James says and takes your hand. They both look like they are about to attack each other so you...
  4. step in and say "James.I'll go with Patrick.I should learn as much of the elements as I can." Patrick smirks and James looks like he just got punched in the stomach but anages to say "fine.Your choice." you and Patrick walk away.
  5. Patrick takes far down the beach .So far that you can barely make out the shape of your camp. you ask...
  6. "Why are you taking me out to the middle of nowhere?" you ask. he stops and turns to look at you. "I don't want anyone interrupting this.I need to tell you something important later. Plus the ocean seems calmer over here." You start walking for a few more minutes and then sit down to start the lesson.
  7. You close your eyes and listen to the waves. Patrick's voice comes in. "Some say earth is the most powerful element.Others say fire. They are wrong..."
  8. "water can change things *a dry desert turning into a lush landscape* It holds unimaginable secrets and yet is so young and active.
  9. "water is not for those who want to survive. it is for those who want to live!" You open your eyes and see Patrick smiling.
  10. "now.Time for the serious stuff." he says. You are still dizzy but manage to grasp what he's saying. "Now, I bet you have realized the food supply is almost gone." you nod "But I found this house. 15 minutes from camp!Full of food!All we have to do is go there."
  11. "Tomorrow,i say we get everyone together and head out there!" he says. you say "patrick why didn't you say this in front of the guys?" he looks guilty but holds his composure and says "I wanted you to know first.And I had to explain that...*pausing for effect* I never want to hurt you. And that everything that happens I do it all for you,Juliet.To make your life BETTER!!!"
  12. Your looking sorta afraid so he just smiles and says "lets go tell the others"

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