A Tropical Love Story...with a few twists part 7

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Okay! And we are back! Take the other quizzes if you haven't already! I hope you like this one! This one is going to have a bit of a cliffhanger! comment! rate! tell other people! enjoy....

Mark-dark brown hair,dark green eyes,serious,fought a dragon.born in England in 1308 under the name Marklan Stephen Lyell. Element:Earth James-black hair,black eyes,sometimes serious mostly not though,born in Scotland in 1453 under the name Jamisen Gavin Spark Element:FIRE Patrick-blonde hair,light blue eyes, funny,born in France in the late 1500's under the name Padraig Niccolo Lyell, Element:WATER all are handsome

Created by: cathedral

  1. "Lets go tell the others." Patrick says.Then he grabs your hand and pulls you over to where Mark and Patrick are standing.When you get close enough you can see that the two other boys are whispering fiercely to each other.
  2. "Hey,guys!" you say and they automatically stop whispering. "Hey!" James says back. "Hello." Mark answers. You decide not to ask what they were whispering about because you know you won't get a straight answer anyway. "We have something to tell you." Patrick started. James raises his eyebrows.
  3. "We found a house in the jungle. Stocked full with food and water.It's only 15 minutes from here!If we leave now we can make it back in time for dinner." Patrick explains all of this in one breath. James and Mark look at each other.It's a worried look.
  4. Some sort of decision seems to pass between each other and they nod. Patrick lets out a whoop and you guys start to leave.After about 15 minutes you guys come to a clearing. In the middle of it you can see a lone house. What's it look like?
  5. "That's it!" Patrick says. You guys walk inside. And just like Patrick said it's completely filled with food and water.Even medical supplies. You guys start to load up.
  6. Mark comes over to you while your loading up and says "I'm sorry.For my behavior.You just really shocked me when you knew my name."
  7. "It's okay. How did know you? Before the island and all." you ask him. Mark smiles and starts to say something when...
  8. you hear someone call "HELP!Help me! Over here!PLEASE!!!" it's coming from the jungle.
  9. You look over at the boys... James-Frozen in shock Patrick-Completely calm Mark-Looking very angry at himself and then run out of the house!
  10. You run into the jungle towards the voice! You can hear one of the guys try to follow you but you are too fast. You come to another clearing and look around. Nothing! then...
  11. You look down and see that a huge hole has been dug. And in side is a man. He's got white-blonde hair and grey eyes. He's wearing an old flannel shirt and worn muddy jeans.He doesn't look too happy either. You don't say anything but he looks up and smiles and whispers "It's all right! It's all happening for the best! You'll see!You don't remember but it's okay cause we are going to fix..." *Mark runs in*
  12. "HELP! Please! Get Me out!" the man calls again. Mark turns you away and says... "I can explain..."

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