The Time Traveling Heroes Part 6

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Just read the story and find out. If you've never taken my previous quizzes of this story, you must be very stupid because you won't get anything they're saying or doing. SO GO READ MY FRICKING QUIZZES!!!

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Created by: JeanGirl(a.k.a Michelle)

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  1. You wake up in a black-painted room. Your bed, however is silver as well as the furniture and the door. You remeber that Robin was kidnapped the day before. You hear a knock on your door and look at your clock. You see it's 3:30 in the morning. You yawn. "Come in." You say. Alexander walks into your room and sits on your bed. "Couldn't sleep." He said. "Me either." "I'm worried about Robin, that green smoke, I think that was because of Enchanca." "You don't think he was turned evil do you?" You ask hopefully. "I think he was." Alexander tells you, sympathy in his eyes. You sit in silence when you recall something from the first day you met Alexander. "Arthur called you a prince once, but you said you were from New York." You say. Alexander blushes. "Oh, uh y-yeah. I-It's a long story." He stutters. "I like stories." You say and sit up straight. Alexander blushes again, but begins. "A long time ago, not that long, but I was twelve at the time. It was before I realized I was a time traveler. So, I'm at school when a girl my age comes up to me. She asked who I was, so I told her. She got all excited and pulled me out of school. She started talking about how she was a magician and was a princess." He stopped. You don't like where this is going. "Anyways,' Alexander continues.'She kind of fell in love with me, and at thirteen, we got..." He stopped again. "You got married?" You ask. "It was complicated, we were young and...I didn't love her. She was obseesed, a lover of dark magic. She made me do it because she could also see the future. She saw you and threatened me." Alexander says sadly. "How'd you get away?" You ask. in a meer whisper. "Enchanca took me away, she said if I go with her, she could make me unmarried. But she didn't. I'm still married and feel like a crap everyday." Silence fills the room again.
  2. Alexander sighs then yawns. "I think I can sleep now." He says then leaves. "Good night." You say as Alexander walk out the door. You lie back in your bed, but can't fall asleep. Just then, green smoke fills the room. It's so thick you can't even see your own hands. It begins to clear up, but your not in your room, your back in the forest. Darkness covering the woods, you try to move but can't. A familiar voice echoes through your mind. "Hello,_____." It says. Then a figure appears in front of you, a familiar boy. "Robin!" You exclaim. Robin's eyes narrow on you, then he shakes his head and his eyes widen. "________? W-What happened?" He asks, but then his eyes glow green and he groans in pain. He collapses, but stands back up, his eyes glowing green. "Poor girl." He says slyly. He leans over to bite you, but he pulls back. "N-No, I won't." He says, his eyes still glowing green. "Robin! Fight it!" You encourage him. Robin winces and passes out, you can move again. You crouch next to Robin. His breathing is slow and he is mouthing words in his sleep. You here a cackle erupt from...everywhere.
  3. Just then, Enchanca appears in front of you. "Look at this, love conquers all!" She says mockingly then waves her hand over Robin. He stands back up then grabs your throat. He pins you on the ground, still holding your neck. You choke back a scream, mostly because your running out of oxygen. "Robin...please." You plead. Before he can do anything, a howling echoes through the woods. Enchanca looks confused, then mad, then happy. "My master calls." She says happily, then Robin and her dissapear in a puff of red smoke. "Why red this time?" You ask yourself weakly. A light shimmers in front of you, and when it clears, you see Malaysia and the boys. Malaysia puts her wand in her boot. You assume she transported them here.
  4. Alexander begins to walk toward you, but Brian runs to you, leaving Alexaner in his dust. Brian kneels over you and feels your troat, head, and your pulse. "Who choked you?" Brian asks angrily. You don't want to worry the others, but they already suspect. "It was not Robin's fault, Brian." Arthur reasures. "Yeah, I mean, I was brainwashed too, Robin doesn't know what he's doing." Alexander adds. "Actually, he does. He tried to fight it, and did. But Enchanca's dark magic's too strong." You break in. "Robin's tough, if he broke free once, I'm sure he can do it again." Malaysia says to Brian. Brian sighs. You try to get up, but collapse in Brian's arms. Is it just you or does Brian look happy? He carries you back to the group, Malaysia transports you all back to Brian's magic door. "Why couldn't you transport us inside?" You ask. "My home has only one entrance, it can be entered only by those who I know." Brian answers. "Then couldn't Robin get in?" You ask. Everyone exchanges worried glances, then rush through the door. After running as fast as you all could(well not you, Brian's holding you) through the portal, you enter Brian's main room. he computers are smashed, the walls are torn, and the glass table is broken into little peices. Brians groans angrily. You split up to search the rooms, only to find they were all destroyed. You all meet back in the main room and sit in a clear spot on the floor. "My home...this pisses me off." Brian grumbles. "We could go to my home." Alexander suggests. "Where is your home?" Arthur asks. "In a cave." Alexander replies with a smile. We all groan. "What? It's a REALLY cool cave!" Alexander protests.
  5. You leave Brian's home and begin to walk through the woods. The trees grow further apart and the grass grows thinner. Soon, you're out of the forest and are in a field. Mountain tower to the left and a lake is to the right. Sheep, goats, and cows graze in the field. (By the way, Malaysia was to tired and couldn't transport you all three times in one day. Even magic has it's limits.)You all begin climbing the mountain. After about an hour of climbing, you reach the peak, where a cave sits at the top. You enter the cave and can't believe what you se....CLIFFHANGER!
  6. Just kidding! So, you enter the cave and can't believe what you're seeing. The cave is totally tricked out! Red leather couches sit in front of a HUGE flatscreen playing ESPN. You see bicycles hanging from the cave ceiling as well as guitars, streamers, and balloons. About six twin-sized beds are scattered in the back of the large cave. About three fridges are stuffed in a corner. Alexander's place is WICKED! Then you notice something...odd. A monkey like Marcel from the TV show Friends, is jumping up and down on the couch, watching the Dallas cowboys. "Marcel!" Alexander yells. The monkey stops jumping and runs to Alexander, and jumps on him. Malaysia backs away nervously, apparently afraid of monkeys. "You named him Marcel?" You ask Alexander. "Of course, he once was Marcel on Friends. I stole him." Alexander says proudly. You, Alexander and Brian laugh at the irony, but Arthur doesn't seem to get it. "What is so funny?" Arthur asks. "Dude, remember when I told you about TV?" Brian asks Arthur. "Ah yes, television. Such an strange device, is the monkey what you actor?" "Yeah, he is." Alexander answers.
  7. While Malaysia rests, Alexander and Brian are snacking in the fridge, literally, they're both standing there and eating. Meanwhile, Arthur and you are sitting on the couch watching football. "Television and football, two very strange things." Arthur says. "Yeah." You say back. You rest your head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around you. Alexander hops over the couch from behind and plops on the couch. He puts his hands behind his head and smiles. "Sooooo? What's up?" He asks. Arthur and you say "nothing" and Alexander shrugs. Malaysia wakes up. "Hey,_______! Come here for a second!" She says. You walk over to her and sit on the bed next to her. "Whazzup?" You ask. "You wanna be a test subject for me?" She asks. "Uhhh, what are you going to do to me?" "Just a simple clothes changing spell. I need to practice more, I've gotten better. It used to be so bad that when I did it on someone, they turned nak- anyways, that's not the point. You'll be fine!" "Kay." "So what do you wanna wear?" She asks.
  8. You tell her and she murmurs a spell. The next thing you know, a glittery blue cloud covers yourself and when it evaporates, the outfit you chose...your wearing it! The boys look over at you, Alexander drops the remote, Brian drops his corn dog, and Arthur drops his...well, mouth. Malaysia smiles satisfiedly and goes back to sleep. Your beginning to like having her in the group. You blush. "I uh...was playing guinea pig for Malaysia." You say shyly. The boys are just staring at you, totally not blinking. "Guys?" You ask. They blink and chuckle nervously. "I-I, look-" Arthur says. "Really, really, REALLY-" Brian continues. "HOT." Alexander finishes. You laugh and the boys join in, exchanging "OMG" and "WOW" glances to each other. You go to sleep soon after. Taking off whatever accesories you're wearing. You and Malaysia sleep in the two (seperate)beds furthest from the boys'. You instantly fall asleep. You dream your in Central Park, there's a thirteen year-old Alexander and a girl the same age in a black gown. They're both looking into the fountain. An image appears in the water. It's you being held to the ground by your throat. "...please." You say. The image dissappears and the girl turns to Alexander. "See Alex? THAT will happen if you don't be my prince." She says with a psychotic grin. "If I do, will you promise not to hurt that girl?" He asks sadly. "Oh, I won't." She answers. "NO! Don't do it! It will happen anyways! I'll be fine!" Your voice echoes throughout the dream. Alexander puts his hand to his head and winces, like you actually got through to him. "Wait...ow, y-you can't change time. Only you can predict it." He says, then raises an eyebrow at himself. "I never told you that! How do you know?" The girl demands. "A voice..." He whispers to himself. "That girl will be fine, leave me alone!" Alexander commands the girl. She groans agitatedly and walks away.
  9. You wake up, the sun shining into the cave. You walk over to sleeping Alexander and look at his finger. No ring. "Alexander!" You scream. He sits up in bed, knocking heads with you. "What? Sorry, sorry." He says. "Where's the ring? You said you were married." You tell him. "What? I never-" He begins, but his eyes widen, now realizing what you meant. "You, I remember that voice now, you were the one in my head who told me not to. How?" He stammers. You tell him of your dream, and telling him not to marry the girl. By that time, everyone was up, listening to the story. "I was still captured by Enchanca, but you DID turn me back to normal. It seems everthing was the same as before you time traveled. Our journey was the same as soon as I met you in Robin's home." "Does that mean..." You begin. "Yes, Robin is still a vampire." Arthur answers. You decide to go outside the cave, Malaysia had made two little portals, one at the cave, and one at the bottom of the mountain so you all didn't have to climb. You go for a walk in the field. You sit on the grass when a goat comes up to you. "Blahahah!" It bleats. You notice two small wholes in it's neck and it's eyes glowing red. It bleats again, this time, showing it's fangs. You get up and run, but when you look back, you bump into someone and fall to the ground. You look up and see Robin. "Uh oh." You say. Robin smiles evily. He leans to bite...CLIFFHANGER!!! This time for real.
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