What One Direction song is it?

Try your best and do your greatest taking this test about one direction songs ... you got to try and study your one direction facts! If you don't know all this stuff its OK !

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  1. What song is this Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like We can go out any day, any night Baby I'll take you there, take you there Baby I'll take you there, yeah Oh, tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn your love on You can get, get anything that you want Baby just shout it out, shout it out Baby just shout it out, yeah
  2. What song is this? You're insecure Don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door, Don't need make-up, To cover up, Being the way that you are is enough,
  3. What song is this? Do you remember summer '09? Wanna go back there every night, Just can't lie, was the best time of my life, Lying on the beach as the sun blew out, Playing this guitar by the fire too loud, Oh my, my, they could never shut us down I used to think that I was better alone, Why did I ever wanna let you go? Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea, The words you whispered I will always believe
  4. What song is this? Katy Perry's on replay She's on replay DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake People going all the way Yeah, all the way I'm still wide awake I wanna stay up all night And jump around until we see the sun I wanna stay up all night And find a girl and tell her she's the one Hold on to the feeling And don't let it go 'Cause we got the floor now Get out of control I wanna stay up all night And do it all with you
  5. Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya Come on and let me sneak you out And have a celebration, a celebration The music up, the window's down Yeah, we'll be doing what we do Just pretending that we're cool And we know it too Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do Just pretending that we're cool So tonight Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun I know we only met but let's pretend it's love And never, never, never stop for anyone
  6. What song is this? Baby I, I wanna know what you think when you're alone Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh We've been friends now for a while Wanna know that when you smile Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh oh Girl what would you do? Would you wanna stay if I were to say I wanna be last yeah Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss I wanna be first yeah Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this And if you only knew I wanna be last yeah Baby let me be your last, your last first kiss
  7. What song is this? First touch, first kiss First girl who made me feel like this Heartbreak, it's killing me I loved you first why can't you see I've been waiting All this time to finally say it But now I see your heart's been taken Nothing could be worse
  8. What song is this Sneaks out in the middle of the night Tight dress with the top cut low She's addicted to feeling of letting go, letting go She walks in and the room just lights up But she don't want anyone to know I'm the only one that gets to take her home, take her home
  9. What song is this? I've tried playing it cool But when I'm looking at you I can't ever be brave 'Cause you make my heart race Shot me out of the sky You're my kryptonite You keep making me weak Yeah, frozen and can't breathe Something's gotta give now 'Cause I'm dying just to make you see That I need you here with me now 'Cause you've got that one thing
  10. What song is this? Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me But bear this mind it was meant to be And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile

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