Do you Know your Songs(One Direction)

There are many of those out there who claim,their TRUE directioners.... but only CAN this Quiz tell. I suggest you know your stuff, because it's NOT easy.

Do you think you know EVERY song, EVERY lyric,AND every member of One Direction. Find out if you really know the band's music and songs, with this quiz on How well you kno their Music.

Created by: LadyLove

  1. What song is this from... Your hand fits in mine,like it's made just for me..
  2. I'll be here,by your side, no fears. No more Crying. But if you walk away,I know I'll fade.
  3. And then I see you, on the streets in his Arms, I get weak. My body fails I'm on my knees prayin....
  4. Give you this, Give you that a Kiss take it Back,if I look inside your Brain
  5. Do you Remember Summer '09, Wanna go back there Everynight. Just Can't lie,it was the best time of my life
  6. Don't even care ABout the tables breaking, we Inly wanna have A lAUGH, I'm only thinking about this girl im seeing,I'll hope she'll wanna kiss me back
  7. Now im climbing the walls, but you dont Notice at all. I'm going outta my Mind, all day and All night
  8. So, c-c-come, you got it wrong, to it right.. I put it in a song
  9. Girl that should be me, dribving you your house,knocking on yor door,Kissing your mouth. Holding your hand,dancing in the dark, Cos i was the One who loved you first
  10. As you break my heart this time, So tell me im a Screwed up mess, that I never listen, Tell me you don't Want my Kiss. That you your distance,distance, tell me everything,but dont you say He's what you're missing baby.
  11. Yeah, we're just doing what we do, just pretending that we're cool. So tonight
  12. So take off 200, then add on 24. Then divide by two, and add on seven more. And if you're struggling now, it's not hard to tell.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Songs(One Direction)