Do You These Lyrics To One Direction Songs?

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Welcome to my quiz. In this quiz, you can test your knowledge on 1D SONGS!!!!! Do you know your lyrics? Do you listen to One Direction often? Let's see!!

Do you know your lyrics? There is only one rule for this quiz: NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!! No looking on the internet for the lyrics! (not that you would anyway) I don't like cheaters! Thanks for coming! Please enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Megziegigi123
  1. How you messed me up I'm better off now
  2. My heart is racing, she's turning around
  3. Looking so good from your head to your feet
  4. When it's broken you say there's nothing to fix
  5. If I look in side your brain, I would find lots of things
  6. I tried, I'll try to start again and find somebody
  7. Wanna roll back like pressing rewind
  8. I wanna tell the world that you're mine girl
  9. My body fails, I'm on my knees
  10. I know your hearts been broken
  11. Don't even care about the table breaking

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Quiz topic: Do I These Lyrics To One Direction Songs?