The Ultimate One Direction Quiz

One Direction is a record breaking band with five hot boys but there is so much more to it then just that lets see if you know the inside information of One Direction!!!!

It takes and ultimate directioner to do good on this quiz. Do you think you have what is takes? Do you consider your self as an ultimate directioner? Take this quiz and see if you really are!!!!!

Created by: Ella

  1. What Year Did Liam First Enter The X Factor
  2. What Animal Does Niall Think Is Pointless and Does Nothing
  3. Harry Wants To Have His First Child Be A Girl And Name It _______
  4. Who Does Zayn Wish He Could Swap Voices With
  5. Who Does Louis Dream Most About
  6. Liam Thinks Tattoos Are _____
  7. What Was Harry's First Word
  8. What Does Niall Talk About In His Sleep
  9. What Does Zayn Not Like About Him-Self
  10. What Nickname Does Louis Mom Call Him
  11. What is Zayn's Favorite Food
  12. How Many Sisters Does Louis Have
  13. What Movie Did Niall Cry To
  14. Who Came Up With The Name One Direction
  15. If Zayn Were A Girl Who Would He Date (Of The Band)
  16. Where Did Louis And Harry Meet At The X Factor
  17. What Is Liam's Favorite Justin Bieber Song
  18. What Season Did One Direction Enter The X Factor In
  19. What Is Harry's Favorite Band
  20. What Is Niall's Favorite Song On The "Up All Night" Album

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