How well do you know One Direction?

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There are few people who know EVERY answer to this quiz? Are you one? Do you think you're one? Directioner or not this quiz is for everyone. How well do you know them?

Are YOU a true directioner? You think so huh, well if you take this quiz today you'll be sure to find out that answer! Have fun taking the quiz about 5 British/Irish hotties!

Created by: Madison

  1. Which member of the band is Irish?
  2. While on X Factor who got hurt on the foot by a Sea Urchin?
  3. What was their first song together?
  4. Who was the member that was born dead?
  5. Who's birthday is January 12th?
  6. What place did they get on X Factor?
  7. Who has no tattoos at all?
  8. No ______ ________! (Fill in the blank)
  9. July 23rd 2010 at 8:22pm is when...
  10. Who has a tattoo of a butterfly?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction?