What One Direction Member Are You Most Like

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This quiz determines who you are most like in one direction. If you do not know one direction it's okay because you will find out what they look like too at the end

Who do u like in one direction?? Do not base on the member you like the most base the answer on yourself. In just a few minutes you'll find out who your most like

Created by: ;)

  1. What is your favorite food
  2. What would you want to be when your older
  3. Biggest Fear?
  4. Astro Sign?
  5. Eye Color
  6. Out of all your friends who are you
  7. what's your hair color
  8. What do u like to do
  9. Are u enjoying the quiz so far
  10. Last question...... What would u want to have as your first Job

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Quiz topic: What One Direction Member am I Most Like