Love is in One Direction part 6

Hey hey hey! I'm pretty proud of myself! I finished the next part quickly! And it's all thanks to you guys haha. This might be kiiinda boring because it's basically story telling, but I need to get that out of the way first. Haha

Alright, recap! A whole bunch a girls showed up and terrorized your house. And Louis is trying to get back with his old girlfriend. (NOTE: If you're looking for parts 1-5, click the blue Bagels below.)

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  1. You let go of Zayn and facepalm. "Nice going, bozo." He scoffs, "What do you mean? You the one who was holding me!" You open your mouth to respond. But he stops you. "Whatever, where's Ella?" "I don't know. Why do you care?" You point to the flowers in his hand. "Arn't those for me anyway?" His eyes widen and he laughs, "Might as well give it to you since you sneezed all over them." He holds them out but you push them away. "Hell no. I'm allergic, didn't I tell you? Why don't you give them to Beth or something." He stares you down and says, "Don't you ever mention her again. Ever." He walks out of the kitchen shoving the flowers in the garbage.
  2. Whining, you drop onto the couch and lay down. "Well, well, well..." you hear. You open your eyes to find Harry looking down at you. "You move fast don't you?" He laughs and you try to sit up but he holds you down. "No, stay." You realize that you've rested your head on his lap. "I feel bad for the girls. It was probably Brenna who told them everything..." You turn to face him and say, "What's the story with them anyway?" You feel him laugh. "It's a long and stupid story, you won't want to hear it." You turn on the puppy eyes and he gives in. "Hahaha okay fine. If you weren't so cute I wouldn't have given in so quickly."
  3. He takes a long breath and starts the story. "Okay, so we bought this house about 4 years ago and we've been coming every summer since. About half way through our second summer of staying here, Louis found this girl washed up on the beach. Lo and behold, it was Rachel. He did CPR on her, so she was breathing but unconscious. He carried her all the way to our house and stayed by her side until she woke up. When she woke up, you could tell she was hooked on Louis right away. She called her friends and they came rushing to check up on her.
  4. "Liam and Vicky obviously liked each other right off the bat. But they we're too shy to talk to each other, but we convinced them to go out. What a weird couple they were. Spent every minute with each other when it was all of us together, but never spoke outside of that. Beth was alway obsessive towards Zayn. He's the type of guy who enjoys his space. She wanted to be with him every minute. He stayed with her because he knew that she was really sensitive. Zayn's not a heart breaker."
  5. 7. " I feel bad for that guy. I don't remember what happened exactly, you'll have to ask him. But from what I remember him telling me, Sydney basically broke up with him before they had a thing. Sure they kissed, but that's it. They were kinda like Liam and Vicky, but toned down. She was only with him because I everyone else was already taken. That's what he told me. Pretty harsh." Harry runs his fingers through your hair and weaves the ends. "That's it?" you say, "What about you?" He sighs, "Me and Brenna? I dunno. It was more of a friends-with-benifits type of relationship. The sad thing is...I actually thought she was my girlfriend like...kinda like how Louis and Rachel  were. It was probably her freckles..." He pauses and smiles, but then his face hardens. "All she wanted was...umm I won't go into detail." 
  6. "So why is there so much drama going on?" you ask with your eyes closed. You feel Harry flinch. Obviously things really went downhill. "Well...Zayn never talked to Beth. So after 2 years of being ignored, she blabbed to her friends. Suddenly, the girls were all pissed and stopped talking to us, even Louis and Rachel. They're all sisters-if one get's hurt, they act as if they were the victim." You nod remembering that you and Ella are like that. Suddenly you feel a sudden wave of guilt. You remember the times when you guys were that close. Shaking out of your thoughts, you tell Harry to continue the story. "There's nothing else," he said shrugging. "That one stupid moment, broke all of us. They said we wern't going to see each other this summer...I guess plans changed. Through out our senior year, Louis tried to find a new girl. It sucks for him cuz none of them went right. That's it. We all spilt, met again by chance and now Brenna went and told them things were cool. Hopefully we avoid them and things will simmer down."
  7. You lay on your side  and close your eyes. You absorb all that Harry's told you. It's only been two days of knowing these boys you already know so much. Harry strokes your hair and sings. "...I'd just like to say, I thank God that you're here with me. I know you too well to say you're perfect. But you'll see, oh my sweet love, that you're perfect for me..." His voice travels through his body and flows through your  veins. The singing is so soothing and relaxing you feel yourself drifting to sleep.
  8. You feel yourself being lifted. There's talking, but your 1/4 awake brain doesn't know who. "Wait...let me carry her." "Why should you?" "It's hard to explain...please. She's all I've got left to hope for." You feel yourself being carried away. Soon, you're gently placed on your bed. "You look so beautiful in the moonlight. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love you, and no one can take you away from me. There's no holding back now." A soft kiss is placed upon your forehead.
  9. You wake up to arguing. "Why  would you pull such a stupid act?!" you recognize Zayn's voice. "Yeah, you were there when all the drama was going on!" Liam adds. Louis suddenly bursts, "Look guys, its my last chance to be with Rachel again. I'm lucky she even said yes! Besides, this is all YOUR fault!" Zayn throws back with, "Hey! Stop blaming me for everything! At least you weren't lead on for 2 years! Right Niall?" "Umm don't get me into this," Niall says quietly. You decide to get up and tell them to shut up.
  10. You creep downstairs trying to stay quiet, but the old floorboards don't agree with you. The guys all turn around and stare at you differently than they did before. "Uhh...h-hi, ______," Niall manages to get out. "What's going on here?" you say slowly. Harry chimes in, "Louis got us into some serious trouble." Louis runs up to you and staggers,"Wh-what he really means is...uh-" "What I mean is, you know those girls who stumbled into our house earlier? Yeah, we'll he invited them for a party tomorrow night." Everyone turns to Louis who stands there awkwardly. "Look, I didn't know that there's still some ice between you and the girls. But what me and Rachel things are just beginning to boil."
  11. You drop you're jaw and Louis grabs your arms. "Look, _______ I'm sorry I got mad at you earlier, but I was so close to getting my old girlfriend back. We didn't even break up, we just split! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a party to plan." He pushes your chin up to close your mouth and smiles. He starts to run up to his room. Soon, Ella walks through the door looking like a mess. Her hair is all tangled and there's mud all over her body. "Guys, there's some crazy girls outside our house..."
  12. Yes, I know...this part might've been kinda boring but I had to throw the background story out first so things will flow a bit easier. Can you believe that after 6 parts, day 2 is finally over? Hahaha, okay! Thanks for everything guys! I loved all of your suggestions and I've already started part 7 as you read this. QOTD: Besides your favorite guy, else are you falling for? 

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