How well do you know One Direction

Many people think they know One Direction are you one of those people if your not sure try this quiz and see how much you know theese amazayn people!!!

Are you a true Directioner? Come try ou this quiz to see if you are a real directioner or need to study your facts some more. U will get accuate results from this quiz!!!!!

Created by: Bri

  1. Who is the youngest in One Direction
  2. Who is the oldest in One Direction
  3. Who's last name is Payne
  4. Who's last name is Styles
  5. Who's last name is Malik
  6. Who's last name isst name is Horan
  7. Who's last name is Tomlinson
  8. Who lives together
  9. Who is seacretly a Beleiber
  10. Who has One Kidney
  11. What song did Liam sing for his X-Factor audition
  12. Where they a group before the X-Factor
  13. What Book did Louis scream NO JIMMY PROTESTED out of
  14. Who is Kevin?
  15. What is the Name of their Album
  16. Did you enjoy this quiz
  17. Who has the cutest monkey face?
  18. Who's favorite character from the show friends is Ross
  19. What is Louis Favorite color
  20. Who gets upset when Girls cry?
  21. IS One DIrection aal UK boys
  22. Is One Direction amazayn, Fabilouis, Billiliam, Extroidaharry, and Phenominiall?
  23. What does louis like in a girl
  24. Do any of them deserve hate
  25. Who was in a band called White Eskamo?
  26. Are you enjoying the quiz now
  27. Who is a Bradford Badboy
  28. Who is Irish

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction