What is your One Direction IQ?

if u miss one direction bc they're dirty liars and they said 18 months but its been 18 months and they still haven't come back u should take this quid

louis drop ur album release date also if harry doesn't release the studio versions of medicine and anna soon i'm gonna sue his assssssssssssssssssssss

Created by: olivia
  1. Which two members share a middle name?
  2. Which one of these songs did One Direction perform on The X Factor?
  3. Where is Liam from?
  4. Which song was never officially released?
  5. How many Rs?
  6. What is the name of Niall's brother?
  7. Finish the lyrics: What a feeling to be...
  8. Which one of these tattoos does Harry not have?
  9. Which football team did Louis sign with?
  10. What is Zayn's older sister's name?
  11. Who is Paul Higgins?
  12. In which year were One Direction contestants on The X Factor, and in what place did they finish?

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Quiz topic: What is my One Direction IQ?