Are you a Directioner ?

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Their are so many dedicated Directioners out their, are you one of them. Take my quiz and lets see if you are . Its basically just a quiz about One Direction and if you know 'facts' about them

I love One Direction and im sure you do too . This quiz will show others just how well you know the boys. Boost up your level with my quiz . And remember enjoy

Created by: K'Cee

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  1. Who is the band made up of :)) '
  2. Who is the oldest of the group :)
  3. Whos nicknamed "Hot and Dangerous".
  4. How did Harry & Louis meet ?
  5. What is Niall's fav food
  6. Did they all audition for the X-Factor together ?
  7. What place did they come in X-Factor
  8. Who is Liam Paynes current girlfriend?
  9. Who whispered in Matt Cardles ear when he won X-Factor
  10. Last question ; One Directions latest album is.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Directioner ?