would Niall H date you

Every one know One direction , we might have a faverite or not but we all HAVE TO ADORE THE irish boy of the band we all know as Niall James horan !!!!!

So some people think there the future mrs. Horan but really ! Well you can put yourself to the test to see if Niall J H will hate or date you , hope you will like my quiz

Created by: lolipop
  1. What's your faverite colour ( hides behind nialler)
  2. How much food do you eat !
  3. Do you were a lot of makeup
  4. What your faverite food !!! ( Me this could get tasty )
  5. What are your turn off's
  6. In a group who are YOU !
  7. In your free time what do you do
  8. Who is your faverite in the band even though this is about Niall
  9. Do you think Niall shoud be in the band ( me : I know its A STUPID question , but I want the feed back )
  10. Well I hoped you liked this quiz and hope you like your ansewrs , BUT just saying NIALL IS MINE ....... Bi

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