how well do you know Niall's horan

This quiz shows how well you know Niall's it will give you your score and everything try you hardest and let's see what happens :);) and let's see how well you know him

Are you a Niall Horgan fan girl then come on and take this quiz and let's see if you are truly madley deeply niall herons fan girl come on try it:) ;)

Created by: kelsie brasher
  1. What is Niall's favorite food
  2. What song did Niall's Horan sing on the x factor
  3. What is nialls favorite color
  4. Niall's had two pet fish's what where there names
  5. How tall is niall
  6. What did Niall's want to call the band before harry said one direction
  7. Niall's wrights with his left,right, both, feet
  8. What does Niall's play
  9. Is Niall irish
  10. Does niall still have his teddy bear from when he was young

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Niall's horan