~A Niall Horan Love Story Chp.1~ The Suprise

Aloha! :3 This is a love series about the blonde, adorable, Irish like guy named Niall! Or: Nialler. (As some fans come him that.) So, if you LLIIIKKKEEEE him then this quiz is for ya!

Aloha! This is a love series about the blonde, adorable, Irish like guy named Nialler! x333 So, if you like this cutie than this series is for yooouu! :D

Created by: IceySwirl
  1. You woke up to the sound to your alarm clock, "Be loved by you, I wanna, I'll stay true. I wonder if you knew what you put me through. But you want, you want, you want me to love you too." Ah, you loved 1D. Your ringtone had "What Makes You Beautiful" on it. You sighed and went to your closet. You, then, picked:
  2. You brushed your hair, done your makeup, brushed your teeth, then eat some breakfast. When you got done, you kissed your mum's and dad's cheeks. You walked out to the sign that said, "Bus Stop". You waited and waited which feels like an whole year, but finally the bus came. You went inside and sat down next to your BFF, Alyssa. "Hey, ___!" she greeted. You greeted her back. You two continued talking about One Direction, One Direction, and more One Direction! Your life time dream was to meet them in person. The bus stopped, finally.
  3. As y'all walk out of the bus, Alyssa dropped her phone and screamed. "What?! What?!" you ask trying to keep her to quiet down. "ONE DIRECTION IS COMING HERE TO AUTOGRAPH SHIZZ!" she shouted happily. Everyone looked at her, as tho as she was crazy. "OH MY GOD! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!" you shouted happily also.
  4. "NO I'M NOT KIDDING!" she says. "What time are they coming?!?!" you ask. "After school... 3:45!" she said. "YAY!" you say happily. "Yeah! Oh crap... We better get going. Class starts in 20 minutes! You know how Mrs.Loe said we can't be late again!" You two ran to first period.
  5. Y'all (Yeah I'm Southern xP) made it just in time. You two sat down and since the teacher was running late, y'all chatted about 1D coming. (4 hours later) It was the end of school.
  6. ***Your P.O.V.*** I still couldn't believe that we'll meet 1D! My life time wish has came true! But, something suprising caught my eyes. It was... ONE DIRECTION SITTING AT A TABLE SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS! OH MY GOD! THEY'RE ALL HERE! ...Am I dreaming?...
  7. "OHHHH MY GODD!!!" Alyssa shrieked like a 'belieber'. The lads looked at her, you then say, "Umm... Alyssa?" "Yes?" "WOULD YOU STOP ACTING LIKE A FA-" The guard cut me off. (You know the guard that guards 1D from crazed fans.) "YOU TWO OUT NOW!" he shouted. (You had to enter a gate to go in, so now we are outside the gate! :/) We both sighed.
  8. But you both hear a voice and look up and see... CLIFFHANGER! :D
  9. SORRY!
  10. ...

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