~A Niall Horan Love Story Chp. 4~

Hey! This is part 4! I apologize for making this late! Really, I am! Haha, I looked through the comments and some of them said to make the parts longer, so I did! Kinda. o_o Anyway..

--- Sorry about this not being ALL about you and Niall. It's really suppose to be more than that, ehh? Yeah? Kay! Ugh, more words, umm okay. Just read! Good day! ^_^

Created by: IceySwirl

  1. Recap: Niall and you were about to kiss, until Zayn RUDELY interuppted. "Guys! We found out abou- wait, were you two about to kiss?" I gave him a look that said, "WELL DUH!" looks like he got the message. He apologized and went back to the guys. While, me and Niall were sitting in an awkward silence.
  2. I decided to break it, "So, Niall.." "Yeah?" "Do you, like, ha-" I got interrupted by Harry shouting, "WE LANDING!" I sighed. At least we landing. x)
  3. Everyone got their stuff, and exited out of the plane. Harry called for a taxi. We got in their, and suprisingly, their was a lot of room. We finally arrived at their house. It. Was. HUGE. We went inside, and since the house was so big, their were 7 rooms. (One for everyone!) "Guyss! When everyone gets done unpacking, we're going to watch a SCARY movie!!!" Louis shouted so everyone could hear him, everyone replied with either an "Okay!" or "Alright!" I went to the room I was staying in and unpacked my stuff.
  4. When I got done, I went back downstairs, only to see everyone waiting for me. "Yes! She's done! Now, we can watch the movie!" Louis says happily. I sat on the couch, "What movie is it?" "GRUDGE!" Louis exclaimed. s---. I hated that movie. I saw it when I was younger, and was scared for 5 straight years. Louis started it and plopped on the couch. This is where everyone was located on the couch: I was at the end, Niall beside me, Liam beside Niall, Zayn beside Liam, Harry beside Zayn, Alyssa beside Harry, and Louis beside Alyssa. (The couch is really long btw).
  5. Then there was a part in the movie when the girl touched a black stain on the floor; which was the grudge's hair. The girl picked it up, and dropped it. The grudge started growing as the girl was scared as f---. And of course, the chick died. I got scared; really scared. So, I grabbed the blanket that was on all of us and hid my face in it. "You scared?" Niall whispered poking me. "No.. well, fine. Yea, maybe..." I whispered back. He raised an eye brow. "It isn't even THAT scary." "Well, to ME it is." "GUYS SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO LISTEN!" Louis shouted. No one wasn't even talking in the movie, I face palmed myself.
  6. I decided to be tougher, so I stared at the screen. Right when I was rubbing my eyes, I heard a scream, and it was Louis. I paused the movie, "Why'd you scream??" I asked. "Because...the...lady...went...in...her...bed...and...found...the...grudge...under...her...covers..." he explained. "That's it?" I said, un pausing it, he nodded. It was finally over. Yaaayy. Now we got to watch ANOTHER one.
  7. While Louis was looking for another 'scary' movie, he looked at the clock to see that it was 12:00AM. Louis smirked, "IT'S 12:00!" "So?" I said. "So, we can say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror!" Louis exclaimed. No. No. No!!! "Hell no, I'll be in bed. G'night." I walked upstairs. I heard Harry saying, "What a chicken." I hated when I get called an chicken. So, I ran back down stairs. "Chicken, eh? Come on, let's go." I went to the bathroom, lit up the candles, while everyone was in the bathroom. It was a pretty big bathroom. I closed the door. But, I only found me and Niall in the bathroom. What the f---? I saw EVERYONE come in the bathroom, oh! I know. When I was rubbing my eyes, they must've escsped! Crap. Crap. Crap. I tried to open the door, but realised a lock thing wasn't on their. It was on the OTHER side of the door. "Greaaat." I said turning on the light switch, and blowing the candles out. "How are we suppose to get out now?" Niall asked sitting on the floor. "Don't know." I replied.
  8. Niall's POV Heh, I know why they done this. For me to kiss her. See, before we went to the bathroom, Liam and Zayn told me about locking us both in the bathroom so we could kiss. Yup, gotta love 'em.
  9. I groaned, they are starting to piss me off. "What's wrong?" Niall asked. "Your band mates." He smirked. "What?" I asked. "Oh, nothing." "Tell me!" I ordered. He shook his head. If he doesn't tell me, I'm about to hurt this kid, even though I'll NEVER do that but still. "Please?" I asked with puppy dog eyes. "Ugh, okay, fine.." "Yay! Sooo, why did they lock us in the bathroom?" I asked. He didn't answer, instead, he kissed me, but I pulled away. What the hell is up with me?! I pulled away! AGH! WHY?
  10. >:) Haha, how'd you enjoy part 4? Are you a bit pissed that you pulled away? xD sorry. Part 5 out soon!

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