a day with one direction 2

well this is part two to my quiz, sorry if its boring and i tried to have alot of niall in it because i know alot like niall. i swear if you want ill let you get atleast a little time with zayn if you want

ok,so comment and tell me what you think. and i made this at night but decided to hold it off untill morning.rember im crazy myself so expect crazy things

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. recap:you were in the studoi with harry,after you played music for him,he kissed you and said "that was beautiful"
  2. you jump as you suddenly feel your pocket vibrate. you look at your cell phone and notice its your mom calling. you excuse yourself and pick up your phone. you expect her to be flipping out. but surprisingly she's not.
  3. she has bad news but good news,she says your aunt got sick with the flu so she'll be gone for 2 months. you stop her there. you get ideas. you ask her to hold on and you drop the phone. you go back into the room and ask harry if you can stay while your mother is gone. harry inmediately says yes and goes off to tell the guys the great news
  4. when you get back to the phone you can hear impatience in her voice. you quickly tell her the plan and at first it is silence on the phone. you start to feel bad for even getting such a foolish plan. then she says "that was my idea. i know you guys like them alot, they get home schooled, you'll have to join in their lessons though" then she pauses and says "they will have to drive you home and get your bags and stuff cause they are touring.ill leave the key under the mat on the porch. dont forget to call me" then she hangs up.
  5. you go up the stairs excitedly as soon as you get upstairs you see everyone smiling widely,zayn just smirks as usual. you wonder why everyone is this happy. but then suddenly ally jumps and says "all of us are staying, we convinced our parents to let all of us stay, even though jazzy's parents were the hardest to convince" then jazzy kinda looks at he ground excitedly. you move all your friends away from the guys, then you begin happily freaking out saying "ohmigosh ohmigosh i cant believe we are gonna spend like 16 million days with one direction, they are like the best band ever!!" after your friends finally get you to calm down you go back into the room with the guys and the guys are staring all confused. you turn to look at your friends and they are all sttaring at you too. you go and see it somthing happened like you got somthing on your face. you look in the mirror and see your hair got jacked up from freaking. you sit there and panic in silence then you quickly grab a comb and comb down your hair.
  6. as soon as you walk back into the room you see harry's and niall's faces were red. probably from laughing you think. you suddenly rember about your clothes you say "ok, enough laughing, but i really need to get my clothes and my other crap." after you say that everyone snaps back into reality and everyone jumps into a long black limo and everone grabs a seat.
  7. (ha, im choosing anyway) you climb into the limo and notice in the front half of the limo,where everyone is sitting, its like sitting at a table where you sit in like a circle. on the left side of you is niall and in the right side of you is louis. across from you is zayn, emma is sitting next to zayn and on the other side of louis is ally. the rest sat in another part of the limo
  8. zayn is sitting extremely close to emma and both of them is kinda talking but only to eachother so you started off talking to niall about your house then louis suddenly jumped in talking about his fake pigeon. after you get done laughing with the guys about that you havent noticed that emma and zayn got up and laft to another part of the limo. just as you look up, you see harry walk in and flops across from you. he is smiling wide and says "i missed sitting next to such a pretty girl like you." you can help to blush and you see niall kinda look down so you playfully nudge him and you smile. he smiles back.you feel the car stop and you look out the window and aee that you are at emma's and ally's house since they basicly live across the street from eachother. you see ally walking into her house, but when you look at emma's house you see emma and zayn walking into her house.
  9. you cant help but to feel jealous.emma and zayn have been together non stop all the time and you, then you feel guilty. emma is your best friend you should feel happy for her. you shake the thoughts out of your head. you didnt notice you have been thinking for that long, as soon as you came back to reality. they stopped at your house, harry and niall got out after you. and the limo kept driving. probably bacause jazzy's house is only like 4 blocks away. you reach under the mat,unlock the door and you open the door.
  10. you grab about three bags and a suitcase. to completely avoid running out of clothes you pack all the clothes in your closet into the first 3 bags and you shoved all the clothes you have in a dresser into the suitcase. you walk down your stairs and see harry looking at the picture of you as a kid while niall is nowhere to be seen. you look everywhere and you find him hunched over in a closet. you decide to scare him. you do and he jumps um and you see somthing in his hand
  11. cliffhanger. well. if you want to comment on what you think is in niall's hand
  12. oh,and sorry for it being so short

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