Do you think I love him?

This quiz is to get people's opinions on wether or not I love him, I think I do. . . I just want to now what others think . . . He's my nerdy, funny, loveable crush

So, what do you think? Well, take the test, hear what I have to say, and, well, yea. I don't have much more to say,now I'm just filling space. La la la

Created by: Inloveandstuff
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  1. Everyday I sit by the bathrooms at lunch with my friends, EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY! And the bathrooms are by the lockers.i always sit by a wall. Almost everyday, I see him come to his locker near the end of lunch, and I always find myself with my head on the wall, smiling very wide, and giggling quite a bit.
  2. I find myself staring at him often.
  3. We were good friends, not last year, but the year before, BEST FRIENDS last year, and now, it's like he's trying to avoid me. . .
  4. My heart skips a beat and all of a sudden beats faster when I hear his name.
  5. Okay, so, my home room is the science room, and he is in my home room. He sits across the room from me, with his back to me. Sometimes I see him staring in my direction.
  6. He isn't in my science class, and in science, me and my friends always sit at the table HE sits at for home room and science. I ALWAYS in his spot, on his chair, at his table. I thought nothing of it, until my friends sat there and I sat across from her. I felt protective and mad, cuz she sat where I SIT, more importantly, WHERE HE SITS!!!!
  7. I don't remember all my dreams, but 98% of the dreams I do remember, he is in.
  8. I think about him all the time, I just can't get him off of my mind. I get dirt acted and loose my train of thought really easy, and really often, and yet, he is always on my mind.
  9. In my dreams, I am often tortured, and either he saves me, he is being tortured with me, or. . . We . . . Just. . . It's hard to explain, actually
  10. My friends usually say that they can see me and him together
  11. I'm not looking for a handsome prince, I'm looking for someone who thinks I'm his beautiful, funny, loveable princess! An . . . I think he's him. . .

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Quiz topic: Do I think I love him?