The random quiz!

This is a very random quiz, I just felt that, well, I had been sitting, waiting, for half an hour to 45 minutes, and very few new quizzes came up, and not only that, but the only ones that did were very inappropriate!

So, here it is, my very random quiz. Well, what are you waiting for? Take it! Or not, you know. But, well, it's better than those inappropriate quizzes others have been posting!

Created by: Inloveandstuff
  1. So, you decided to take this quiz, but, I still don't know what it's about, so, yea. What do you think?
  2. Okay, we'll, what instrument do you play?
  3. I play trumpet, and my favourite option class is guitar
  4. My stupid iPad! In question 2, it says we'll, but I meant well, it is always auto correcting to we'll when I don't want it to, but when I WANT it to say we'll, it says well!
  5. I have a cold right now, I'm off and on too hot,and on and off too cold. I sneeze a lot, then not at all. I get head aches, and then stomach aches, then I eel ine, with noting but a slight bit of gass, and then it goes over again.
  6. Grr! Stupid thing! In the last question, I meant FEEL, not eel, FINE, not ine, and NOTHING, not noting
  7. Everyone who lies down on me, whether we are watching videos on my iPad, watching a movie, playing dog pile, anything, says I'm comfy!
  8. I love to paint, like, a lot! I love painting! My room is littered with paint and paint projects, among several other things I have decided to paint!
  9. I love murder mysteries! I love poirot, and nancy drew, and Murdoch mysteries, and the hardy boys! I love miss Marple, and clue, and the game clue, and lots of mysteries all around!
  10. I love harry potter!
  11. This quiz is over now!

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