Which guy from here is right for you? (RANDOM)

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Which one of these four guys will like you? Which one are you meant to be with? And most importantly, is it worth it? well, it definitely is. Not so random as in questions but more as in results.

I finished this quiz literally around 3 AM in the morning because of random inspiration and a hungry stomach @-@ it took me three blimey hours to finish it, so please do me a favor and click on this quiz xD you won't be disappointed.. unless, of course you get that one special guy... WARNING- this quiz may contain hot movie characters. :3

Created by: CrazyGirl234

  1. Pick one! Bow and arrows, a golden ring, a pirate bandana, or a compass?
  2. What kind of nickname would you like him to call you?
  3. What kind of hair do you prefer out of all of these?
  4. Do you mind him having beard?
  5. What eyes do you want him to have?
  6. Which trait would you like him to have?
  7. Which of these traits would you not mind him having?
  8. Where would you like him to take you on a date?
  9. What would really piss you off?
  10. Almost done! Do looks matter?

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