Hogwarts Sorting by Quotes

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As a huge Harry Potter fan, I have taken my fair share of Sorting Quizzes. However, feel of them ever felt truly authentic. None of them really seemed to get down to the nitty-gritty of the houses from various aspects.

So I asked the members of my Harry Potter Facebook Group, The Lost Weasley, to submit some quotes that made them think of their own house or another. After compiling their data, I(Brittney) with the help of the fabulous Jinxy and Taryne, created this quiz. We may add more questions in the future, but for now, here's to hoping we got it right!

Created by: Brittney

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  1. Choose a quote about Love.
  2. Choose a quote about Fear.
  3. Choose a quote about Courage.
  4. Choose a quote about Failure.
  5. Choose a quote about Friendship.
  6. Choose a quote about Success.
  7. Choose a quote about Change.
  8. Choose a quote about Trust.
  9. Pick a Motto.
  10. Which most closely matches your Philosophy in life?

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