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I wanted to make a quiz to help me with my math exam I have after we get back after the February break. So. . . Yea. Yawn. . . I'm so tired. It's 9:37pm right now

Incase you're wondering, you make these paragraphs after you make the quiz, so, yea. I'm so tired I could fall asleep right here. . . *snore noises la la la snore *

Created by: Inloveandstuff
  1. Okay, we'll, I have an exam after the February break, and I figured I would make a quiz, to help me take my review quizzes, so I can take my exam.
  2. The formula for a triangle is:
  3. Pause! Stupid iPad auto corrected well to we'll in the first question, so, try to ignore that, you know what I meant, lets move on
  4. Pause! The formula for the AREA of a triangle, so sorry! I need to stop waiting to do math quizzes until night!
  5. Play! Sally has 100 valentines to hand out. 80 of them are for her crush, yes, 80 valentines for her crush. 5 of them are for her teachers, and 15 are for her friends. What is the percentage of each number of valentines?
  6. That was easy, now try this!
  7. Kobe just moved-
  8. Why did you interrupt me?! Rude!
  9. Anyway, Kobe just moved. He is unpacking all of his art stuff, he wants to make his friends some Christmas presents. He wants to make a check list of all his friends he wants to make gifts for. But lots of his chalk broke in the move!
  10. He had 6 blues, 3 greens, 1 yellow, and 8 pinks. If 4 blues, 2 greens, and 2 pinks broke, what percentage of chalk broke?
  11. I'm baking a cake. The ingredients are as follows: 30 grams of attitude 6 ounces of love 1 pound of sugar 3723 pinches of chocolate What is the percentage of chocolate and sugar together?
  12. Okay, what is the probability of rolling a 7 on a die labeled 1-6?
  13. I, inloveandstuff, am making a little dog out of a paper towel roll, and two styrofoam bowls. I have painted the fur on the head, and am currently painting the body. I have spent, so far, 3 hours working on it. About an hour and a half ish if that is making this quiz while I wait for the paper towel roll to dry. What is the percentage of time I have spent waiting for the paint to dry? Btw, it's 9:20 pm right now
  14. If Jose wants to make eighty little baby sharks, and he is a gopher, and his girlfriend is a llama, wants the probability he will have goat milk and pancakes for a blanket?

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