How clever are you?

See if you are clever by testing your self with these brain-numbing riddles. They aren't too hard though, because I couldn't use the really good ones because most riddles ask why, which then makes it easy when it's multiple choice.

Why must there be a second paragraph? We can write everything we want on the first one! I made this quiz because I was bored at school because I was done with my math and had to go wait till recess with the non-accelerated math class. They are doing algebra, and the students are having trouble with which operation you do when they are squished together. Wow.

Created by: Elliryanna

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  1. There is a room. The carpet is made up of purple, orange, and green rectangles, and there is a chalkboard on the wall. On the board it says "Do not step on the purple or green squares." Almost the entire floor is purple and green, and you know you can't jump to the orange squares. How do you cross the floor while following the instructions on the board?
  2. A man was murdered. There were many people there at the time. One man says that he was walking by and was going to say hello, since he was a close friend. It was cold out, and there was frost on the window. He says that he wiped off the frost with his sleeve, then waved to the man and left. He claims the man wasn't dead at the time. The police later investigated, and found that the frost was indeed wiped off. Did they arrest the man for murder based on this evidence?
  3. A man went to go speak with a famed author that wrote about little known proper grammar. The police thought he may have been an imposter. They sent a man to interview him. The man said this, " At two o'clock I laid down, then took a nap. Was the man an imposter?
  4. Can a man who lives in Chile have a funeral and be buried in England?
  5. Can a man marry his widow's sister in Africa? Hint: This is not based on personal moral or law.
  6. A snail crawls away halfway around a circle, away from his father, then crawls halfway back towards his father. Is the snail's father there?
  7. A man dressed completely in black is walking in a street. None of the lights are on, and a car is driving towards the man. The driver cannot see well in the dark. The man does not jump out of the way. What is the likelihood of the driver hitting the man?
  8. A father bull eats nine bales of hay a day, and weighs nine hundred pounds. A baby bull weighs two hundred pounds and eats two bales of hay a day. If a mother bull weighs five hundred pounds, does she eat five bales of hay per day? Note: The measurements above are not based on fact.
  9. All of the explanations for the correct answers will be in the comments section. If clarification is needed, please ask for it in the comments. Your response to this question won't effect your score.
  10. I have no idea what to put on the last question. Why do we need twelve?????? WHY?

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