The "clever" quiz.

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This is the clever quiz and only clevr people can do it!It is fulled with questions that my teacher only dreamed of!Many have tryed to master this quiz but have only failed!

Will you fail?Will you be the first to master this awsome quiz!Are you most of all clever?Prove on this quiz!Become the first to defeat the odds and conquere this quiz!

Created by: jenna

  1. In South Africa who was the first lack president?
  2. Mandela spent most of his years:
  3. True or false?Sharks blink.
  4. Ants sleep.
  5. Which one of the seven dwarfs wear glasses?
  6. Which one of the following equasions are not correct?
  7. The cartoon strip to use the word:booger,was:
  8. The bible contains three parts.
  9. My name is:
  10. Last question:Which walt disney movie was made first:

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