The amazing quiz about Me

There are many dumb people in the world, but very few clever people. A clever person is amazingly clever and can do anything they want to. If you havent guessed im one of the very clever people hence why your doing my quiz and im not wasting time doing yours.

If you really do know me then this should be really simple for you but lets face it i have no friends and everyone will fail miserabley because nobody knows me at all im all alone in the world and im off to end my life bye bye brave world

Created by: Otis
  1. What is my middle name?
  2. What is my favourite possession?
  3. How many brothers have i got?
  4. What is my favourite colour
  5. whats my favourite sport
  6. When is my birthday?
  7. If i got a tattoo what would it be of?
  8. Whats my favourite animal
  9. What is the worst subject ive ever done in my life?
  10. Which is my favourite football team?
  11. Who is my favourite rapper?
  12. Who do i trust with all my problems?
  13. What university am i going 2?

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