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"there are many GOOD cheerleaders,but there are not many AMAZING cheerleaders. A true cheerleader is someone who practices their routine every day,someone who asks questions when they are unsure of counts,and someone who tries to accomplish skills during breaks.Also,someone who is never late,treats the coach with respect,and does not have their mom/dad complain when you do not get a good spot"

are you an AMAZING cheerleader? do you have the knowledge to be able to be a cheerworks cheerleadeer? or do you not know your facts about cheering and safety? Ready to find out????? well if you said yes,take this quiz!

Created by: kristin

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  1. name the hardest stunt position
  2. what does every girl nedd to do on a team at practice
  3. how many hours should your gyms mini team practice?
  4. how many times should your gym compete?
  5. how many bases does a stunt absoluetly ned to have to go up(not including front)
  6. what is not a flying skill?
  7. which is not the name of a toss?
  8. in cheers,what does"white" usually ryme with?
  9. why do a lot of cheerleaders get sick before competing?
  10. how many teams is the average cheerleader on?
  11. how many 1st places does a very good youth level 3 team get in one season?

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