~*~*Genius quiz*~*~

There are alot of amazing people in this world but not very many are geniuses. Being a genius is quite amazing. A genius is a person who has an amazing mind that can solve anything that comes in their way.

Do you have what it takes to be a genius??? do you have the ability to understand the complex problems that try to stop you from what you are doning?? Have you ever wondered if you were a true genius?? in just a minute or 2 you could find out how smart you really are!!!

Created by: Karissa
  1. WAT IS 2+2?
  2. Wat is the only word that has every vowel in the right order
  3. Wat is the most popular last name in the word?
  4. Wat is the most popular first name
  5. According to records wat is the most popular movie in 2004
  6. Wat is the top prime time programs on netwok t.v in 2004
  7. Wat is the top video game in 2004
  8. wat is the top dvd rentals in 2004
  9. Wat is the richest contry
  10. Which contry has the most gold?
  11. Wat is the top Tourism destination
  12. Which is the deapest ocean
  13. Wat is the most popular eye color
  14. Wat is the most deadliest Spider
  15. Wat is pi equal to in math
  16. Who has the best blog ever
  17. Wat is E+3
  18. Wat is the capital of canada
  19. wat is the most popular movie right now?
  20. Wat is the most famous line in the movie "gone with the wind"

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