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  • e + 3 is actually 5 something... at least try for accuracy

    Lance_sing Nov 10 '14, 1:10AM
  • Person who made this quiz, is the most popular last name Smith?

    Jenniferdu Jan 18 '14, 7:12PM
  • this quiz dont make not sense

    sarahrocks May 19 '12, 4:59PM
  • dont worry, i liked it, these people must just be a little silly upstairs
    Loved the qiz

    Cassaqazqaz Jan 12 '12, 4:35AM
  • Not accurate at all. I got 0%.

    Arian77 Dec 1 '11, 9:52PM
  • I agree with the comments below. This is just wrong. :/ Sorry.

    purple3298 Dec 1 '11, 8:56PM
  • Agree with all of the below comments.

    smartgirl115 Nov 10 '11, 4:55PM
  • the person who made this quiz obviously doesn't know what a genius is... Why he even spelled "what" wrong!! Lol

    ShadowTears88 Nov 2 '11, 10:06AM
  • I agree with fox_girl. This is just movie trivia or TV trivia, not anything that would actually prove one is a genius.

    But if it comes to spelling, I definitely would be a genius. Everything was spelled incorrectly, and apparently this creator needs a dictionary or me hanging over their shoulder.

    Motsumi78 Sep 18 '11, 10:22PM
  • Damn! If that's a genius quiz, I must be Einstein incarnate! Sorry, but that was the DUMBEST genius quiz I've ever seen. Genius quizzes should not include questions such as 2 + 2 or about tv and movies.... This was more of a general trivia quiz. Disappointing. :(

    fox_girl Dec 2 '10, 4:26PM

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