what type of SV chorus kid are you?

Okay, well this year the SV chrous was AMAZING! we had the most amazing people and it was so much fun! We went to a state compation and did really well. there were some amazing kids in the this class and we worked really hard to get at far as we did! it was so much fun!

Find out which of the 6 chorus girls you are most like! Are you like; Anna? Susy? Madi? Amanda? Carey? or Alexis? Take this quiz and find out! you should definatly take this quiz to find out which one of us you were most like! If you are one of the chours girls taking the quiz...let me know if you took it and what you thought!

Created by: anna

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  1. If you were in chorus which song would you sing for your solo?
  2. When you get to the hotel in Sac for the State comp, whats the first thing that you do?
  3. when we go to safeway what do you buy?
  4. on the song "the silver swan" what part would you sing
  5. you would most likely say...
  6. whats the reason that you signed up for chorus?
  7. about the matching chorus dresses...
  8. when the people out front hear this HUGE LOUD CRASH backstage they kno that its only....
  9. you show up to class
  10. what rating did we get at CCS

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Quiz topic: What type of SV chorus kid am I?