what type of fat are you??

ok there is 5 catigories that you could end up as, big, healthy, huskey, fluffy, and damn. you should enjoy this quiz , it is alot of fun so yeah have some fun trying to figure out what type of fat you will be.

like i said before it is alot of fun to find out if your fat or really figgen obese, but there is no offense toward anyone if there is any problems with anyone making fun of you about what type of fat you are then email me with your problems and i will take care of it.

Created by: jason

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  1. Have you ever sat and did nothing for a week?
  2. do you have extra baggage?
  3. Have you ever had to twist sideways to get off a bus?
  4. Have you ever bent over and your but crack hanged out 6 inches?
  5. Do you have fat hanging over your pants?
  6. Have you ever walked two steps and started sweating?
  7. Have you ever been told that you talk about food in your sleep?
  8. which type of fat is your mom?
  9. Have you ever ate more than 2 servings at a fast food place?
  10. Do you think Mrs. Crowder is a royal A**hole?
  11. Have you ever watched t.v. longer than 6 hours a day

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Quiz topic: What type of fat am I??