What type dog are you?

I picked Dogs because there are so many different kinds of dogs and they all have different personalities. I base people on their personality so I thought dogs would work. You have 5 choices that could fit your personality [5 dogs].

What type of dog are YOU? Do you know what dog best suits you? I'm sure you've never thought of yourself being compared to a 4-legged hairy little guy or girl. But it's all about the personality! Answer the questions truthfully, and you'll get what type of dog you are!

Created by: Janey

  1. You are outgoing.
  2. You would stand up for a friend in danger of being bullied.
  3. You don't mind being pushed around sometimes.
  4. You like your way ALL the time.
  5. You get along good with others.
  6. You DON'T like the outdoors.
  7. You're not too happy when unexpected visitors arrive.
  8. You'd rather be taking this quiz then hanging out outside.
  9. You go watch sit with your family then be playing catch outside.
  10. When you make a promise, you stick to it every time.
  11. You're sure that everything you do is right.
  12. You'll try to figure things out on your own before going for help.
  13. You're friends like being around you.
  14. You're proud of yourself when you know you did something right.
  15. You try to find the good in someone even if you don't like them.
  16. You know your having fun when you...
  17. You know you're protecting your family when you..
  18. Why do we have school?
  19. Is it ok to be mean to be mean to someone you don't like?
  20. I don't like it when people are around me because I..
  21. What's your favorite thing to play with?
  22. Why are you on this computer right now?
  23. Do you play any sports? If so.. how many? If not.. how much do you get out of the house?

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Quiz topic: What type dog am I?