Welcome to this quiz! It has been designed to help you diagnose your skin type, therefore allowing you to treat it correctly. There are ten questions, all with multiple choice answers.

Try to think about each answer carefully and remember that, whilst we try to give you the most accurate results, the only way to be certain about your skin type is to visit a dermatologist.

Created by: jen

  1. Wash your face, dry it and then wait a minute. Then look in the mirror. Is your skin....
  2. How many blemishes do you have?
  3. Do you tan easily?
  4. Does your foundation quickly wear off?
  5. Does your skin feel tight after washing?
  6. Again, look in the mirror after you have washed your face. Are your pores....
  7. Do you have sensitive skin (ie irritated by many products)?
  8. Do you burn easily?
  9. Do you have....
  10. Are you often exposed to extremely hot or cold weather?

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Quiz topic: WHAT'S my SKIN TYPE?