What RLC type are you?

This quiz is intended for users of RLC to explore which type of personality they have in the game. Several different types are identified in the quiz.

What type are you? Are you all about the sex.. or is it something else? Find out in just a few minutes by answereing the questions as honestly as possible.

Created by: Pi Dog
  1. You find yourself at a loose end in RLC... what would you most likely do?
  2. Someone tells you about a hidden room somewhere in Zaby's... you:
  3. A stranger is coming on very strong... you think:
  4. Someone is rude to you. You:
  5. How many times have you been into Passions?
  6. Did you know how to superjump in the old rlc? (no... I don't just mean with wings on... higher than that!)
  7. Have you ever worn visible wings as part of your RLC outfit?
  8. Have you ever been called to a family meeting in RLC?
  9. How often do you change your RLC outfit?
  10. On the whole, a good conversation in RLC is preferable to the sex in there.
  11. Whipping someone in RLC...
  12. Going around in micro size....
  13. I talk about my avatar as..
  14. I know how to get onto the roof of the casino without superjumping.
  15. I have a good idea what is in my wardrobe.
  16. I feel awkward meeting new people in RLC.

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Quiz topic: What RLC type am I?