What type of chao are you?

There are many types of chao - the main ones are - speed / running, flying, swimming / water, power and nuetral. Chao are simple and imaginary creatures that exsist in the sonic the hedgehog world.

So what type of chao are you? Take this simple quiz to determine what type of chao you are, you could be any type at all, its easy to find out which one best describes you. Get ready - in a few minutes - you'll find out!

Created by: dancing1
  1. What colour do you like the best?
  2. What is your faveourite chao fruit?
  3. Which describes you the best..
  4. On first instinct, which appeals to you the most.
  5. Out of these options - which would you do?
  6. Your faveorite sonic characters are...
  7. Drinks..
  8. What chao do you think you'll be? (doesnt effect results)
  9. In your opinion you are more
  10. The missing word in this sentance is: "If you have time to worry, then ______ right?"

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Quiz topic: What type of chao am I?