What fan are you?

This quiz tells you what type of fan you are for football. Think you know what type of fan you are? Or arent you exactly sure? You probably will be surprised and for all you Packer backers Im sorry.....but the Bears rule and will always be the best.

Come find out what type of fan you really are. Thanks to this quiz you will find out soon enough. Do you have one team you always root for no matter what type of year they are having? Or do you cheer for the team who is having a great year?

Created by: Kyle
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  1. What colors appeal more to you: navy and orange, purple and yellow, or green and gold getting smashed into the ground?
  2. Which do you enjoy seeing better? High scoring game with no defense lots of offense, or Low to mid range scoring game with lots of offense and possibly special teams play?
  3. Pick one.
  4. Which did you enjoy better: 98 season when vikings missed the FG or 97 when the Denver Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers?
  5. Hate the Pack, Love the Pack, Love anyone playing the Pack? Or love the bears? Love the vikes?
  6. Lions fan twice a year, Vikings fan twice a year, Bears fan twice a year?
  7. Just pick one!
  8. Who do you like better Rex Grossman, Tavarias Jackson, Brett Favre?
  9. Which year?
  10. Are you a lions fan?

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Quiz topic: What fan am I?