What Type Of Pizza Are You

Almost everybody likes pizza but have you ever thought about what type of pizza you would be? Well take this quiz to find out. Are you a sausage type or do you go for the peppers. Take this quiz to find out what type you are. Are you a slice of the old pie or do you stand out?

Take this quiz and after a quick 12 questions you will know your toppings. Find out if you like your flavor or if your not so sure that you like your peppers. Maybe you are your own favorite. =D.

Created by: morgan
  1. Your going on a first date where do you go?
  2. The date goes well do you give him/her a kiss good night.
  3. What do you do at the pool?
  4. What's your favorite sport?
  5. Its raining what do you do?
  6. Do you care what people think about you that aren't your friends?
  7. What's your favorite type of music?
  8. What do you think about global warming?
  9. What's your favorite type of book?
  10. What's your fav color?
  11. Do you think you are popular?

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