What pizza topping are you

Pizza toppings say a lot about people, so you should rely on your pizza topping to bring your life amazing! The point is though, without pizza and I'm going to talk a lot of jibberish, without pizza, life would be almight boring!

After a few minutes, your pizza topping will say a lot about you, so maybe you should reconsider changing your pizza topping to cheese. IT's SOOOOO boring and dull, flavourless and it's just mouldy milk.

Created by: Steve

  1. Are you super silly?
  2. Do you like spongebob?
  3. Are you a brunette
  4. How long can you hold your breath for?
  5. Are you over five foot?
  6. Is red your fave colour
  7. Do you enjoy life
  8. Are you a straight A student (or were or hope to be?)
  9. Are you single?
  10. What are your favourite songs?

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Quiz topic: What pizza topping am I