What kind of Pizza are YOU

Many people like pizza. In fact, most americans do. But ever wonder what kind of pizza are YOU? Need a new fave pizza to match your personality? Try this quiz.

The outcomes may or may not be about you. It's all up to the pizza gods, and only you can answer their questions. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! (maybe)

Created by: Kalina
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  1. You see a person with a purse. It's just plain blue denim purse. What's running through your mind?
  2. You're rushing outside a store, running late for your hair cut. Someone you know but aren't really friends with pulls you over to talk. You really can't.
  3. You are at the pool when you see someone else from your school having a birthday party.
  4. You are rushing down the hall when you bump into your crush and spill all his books
  5. You are eating yogurt at lunch. What kind?
  6. What's your favorite sport?
  7. You're out shopping and you see two cute guys from your grade. Just as you're about to say hi, your mom comes rushing up to you with granny panties for you. The guys are ROTFL.
  8. You are in the middle of a phone call when your little bro/sis barges into the room demanding you play dress up or tanks or something annoying.
  9. You are watching your fave show when your dad comes in demanding he watches "The Game."
  10. You are going out to eat. Where do you go?
  11. You need to go to the bathroom really REALLY badly. Too bad there's a line down the hallway. It must have been the lunch food...but you need to go NOW!
  12. You are at the ice-cream store with all your friends. What do you get?

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