are you a math genius?

There are many geniuses, but few people are MATH geniuses. Math is probably the hardest subject in school. You probably know 2 + 2 right? but unfortunately, that's not what you need to ace this quiz.

Are YOU a math genius? Math geniuses are people who actually look at the problem and give it time. By the way, math geniuses don't use calculators.

Created by: bfaithr

  1. do NOT use a calculator for this quiz! Use a piece of paper instead.
  2. what is 216584+167416?
  3. what is 546168-65414?
  4. what is 464x587?
  5. what is 18641684/23
  6. what is 516 divided by half plus 8?
  7. what is one sixteenth of 912?
  8. what is the square root of 225?
  9. 52x + 76 = 232 what is x?
  10. x squared plus six x plus five equals zero. what is x?
  11. this one is VERY hard. most of you won't know it: integrate x cubed
  12. how many answers did this quiz have?

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Quiz topic: Am I a math genius?