What is your best Hogwarts subject?

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You may have a best subject at regular school but what is your best magical subject? You can find out and I haven't asked what you would most like to get like some people do because that's annoying.

Find out what your best subject would be at Hogwarts, do you like the same stuff as Harry or Hermione or Ron, find out what you are best at by taking this!

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. What muggle job would you most like?
  2. Are you good at learning and remembering specific words?
  3. What are/were you like at school?
  4. What would you do if you were confronted with a pesky gnome?
  5. If you had to think quickly to deal with a dangerous huge dragon what would you do?
  6. If another student had tricked you into something what do you think you would do?
  7. It's just before a Quidditch match and you've heard the team playing your house is going to cheat but the game is about to start - what do you do?
  8. After Quidditch your plan kind of worked but you're going to try and tell a teacher the other team cheated - who?
  9. Are you good at remembering the ingredients for baking cakes and making recipes?
  10. How are you at looking after plants if you've ever taken care of gardens or just a houseplant?
  11. How are you at looking after animals?
  12. How do you do when you've been given a lot of new words or something to learn and there is a test for it?
  13. How are you at computer and video games in getting the precise movements right?
  14. And how good are you at focusing and concentrating on computer and video games?
  15. If you were at Hogwarts at night time when no one was around, what would you go and try out?
  16. What would you most want to write a long essay on?
  17. If a Slytherin threatened you in the corridor and wouldn't let you past, what would you do?
  18. A Firecrab is a dangerous turtle-like creature that can shoot fire, what would you do if your friend gave you one of these to look after for a day?

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Quiz topic: What is my best Hogwarts subject?