Which Harry Potter Subject Are You Most Best At?

You may have a best subject at regular school but what is your best magical subject? You can find out and I haven't asked what you would most like to get like some people do because that's annoying.

Find out what your best subject would be at Hogwarts, do you like the same stuff as Harry or Hermione or Ron, find out what you are best at by taking this!

Created by: yewrose26141
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  1. Which Muggle subject are you best at?
  2. Which subject do you most enjoy and like?
  3. Madame Pomfrey got sick. What will you do?
  4. Which house are you in?(Figure out by other quizzes)
  5. You have this boy who knows you are a witch/wizard. He threatens to tell everybody. What will you do to him?
  6. Are you good at remembering specific words?
  7. What are you like?
  8. You have this out-of-control skrewt. What will you do?
  9. One of the students started bragging how he controlled a dragon. What do you do?
  10. There is a Quidditch match and you suspect the other team will cheat. You want to warn the other team but the game is about to start! You..
  11. Okay, your team got the message. They were about to win the game when there was a small time out and the other team told the teachers about your pranks. They suspects you of cheating. You...

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Subject am I Most Best At?