Hogwarts Exam: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Defense Against the Dark Arts is a core class taught at Hogwarts. It teaches you how to defend yourself against dark wizards, creatures, and the like. Do you have what it takes to be an Auror? Find out!

If any of you have taken my quiz, Could YOU Pass Hogwarts Exams? you'll notice some similarities and one or two repeats. That's because the main subject covered in the books/movie is DADA. Most of this quiz material comes from book three.

Created by: tazemaster
  1. What spell do you use against a boggart?
  2. What does the spell you SHOULD have cast do?
  3. What spell do you use against dementors?
  4. While battling another wizard, he casts the killing curse. How do you deflect it?
  5. How do you disarm your oppenent while in battle?
  6. When dueling, what do you do FIRST?
  7. Your friend is knocked out by a Dementor. When he wakes up, what do you give him to eat?
  8. Where do grindylows live?
  9. From what country is a kappa from?
  10. True or False: Red Caps are about the size of goblins.
  11. Curse or Jinx: Which is stronger?

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