Another Christmas (a girls only story):

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It's another Christmas, and you are getting tired. You're forced to make everyone at work a present, handmade. Which gifts do you make for who? And will making a handmade gift make you rethink the meaning of Christmas, or will it agitate you further?

Meet Tobias, Eli, Jeff,and Mary, four friends who extend four different endings. Which will you end up with? Play as many times as you want to get any ending!

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  1. At work, you stumble across a announcement that says "Christmas Party!"
  2. Below it reads "Snacks provided." and "All gifts must be homeade."
  3. Tobias, a fellow-worker, stops to look at the announcement. "Homeade, that's a pretty neat idea."
  4. He laughs. You -
  5. "Did I hear 'Homemade'?" Eli says, popping around the corner. "Man, I stink at homemade stuff."
  6. Mary shows up, it's becoming quite a crowd. "I'd rather shop." She says.
  7. Now Jeff's suddenly appeared, too. "Dang, I hate making things."
  8. You head home, to get a good start on things because-
  9. For Tobias you decide to make:
  10. For Eli you make-
  11. For Mary you make-
  12. For Jeff you make:
  13. Finally gift wrapping! You-
  14. Finally, the party is here you're-
  15. The gifts are given out, and everyone starts unwrapping theirs'.

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