Can you tell if I'm a girl?

Am I a dude? Perhaps a girly girl (ick!!!!!) do you know? Can you guess? I hope none of you are sexist, cuz that's just not right! It disgusts me! Grr

Do YOU have what it takes to find put? Or will you be swept away? Will the truth shock you? It's time to find out if you have what it takes! Go on,get on with it!

Created by: Inloveandstuff
  1. Do you think I'm a girl or boy?
  2. I love quading, swimming, playing in mud, bad weather, and I'm writing a book.
  3. I can't get enough of the Harry potter movies! So much action and magic!
  4. I love art, but I hate lessons, I hate art classes, and I hate learning to draw in class
  5. I am in honour band at school, one of my option classes is guitar, and my fave gym unit is wrestling
  6. I cut my hair for cancer
  7. I love being sweaty
  8. I don't wear make up stuff
  9. I love highlighting things in class, it helps me see my notes better
  10. What movies am I totally against?
  11. I'm afraid of what?
  12. I prefer to throw up where?
  13. I prefer to wear what?
  14. How do I feel about blood and gore?
  15. I love which two murder mystery series?

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Quiz topic: Can I tell if I'm a girl?