Does She Like You

There are many guys out there who ponder how the heck do I know if a girl likes me?! Well, heres your answer, from a 'STRAIGHT' girl who has liked someone and loves someone right now. lol ;P

-Looks out into the stars- I am wise and all-knowing girl genie ^-^ Agh I'm such a nerd.. Anyways here you go! Enjoy it! I stayed up until 1AM making it -______- Your fault!!

Created by: Daisy
  1. Do your friends or you catch her staring at you?
  2. Does she rarely talk to you and seem shy?
  3. What does she do when you do something funny?
  4. Promise me one thing..
  5. Don't break her heart if you don't like her back..Promise?
  6. Does she hang out with you a lot?
  7. Does she like to be near you but not so obvious? (She would be like 12 feet away but you in sight range)
  8. I'm speaking from experience in this quiz so congrats!) Does she act different around you? (Show-off, girly, sweet, shy, etc.)
  9. To be honest: Go give it a try and ask her out, or tell a bud too. It never hurts to try ^-^
  10. Lastly, do her friends whisper around you and look at you a lot?
  11. ^^Nope not last question) Does she get shy when you try to talk to her?
  12. Does she hesitate to look at you if her friends tell her too? (like if you're doing something funny etc..)
  13. Thats all I can think now, lol well good luck with your results! Peace! ;P

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