Does she like me?

Yes.... thats what this quiz is... to determine if SHE as in a GIRL likes u. Hopefully this quiz can help you. But please.... dont go chasing after someone because u thought this was a sign.

I mostely made this so i could see if i actually like people??? But idek lol.. i am a girl of course! Btw im straight so the answer might change if u r askin for a les or bi person, but hopefully it wont :3

Created by: Kat

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Lets start this easy... have you ever spoken?
  2. I did somethin wrong so just click anythin here :,)
  3. I just realized how long this is gonna take*cry* anywhoooo, do u have her #
  4. Do u find her glancing at you alot?
  5. Okeeey... does u or her txt first
  6. Does she tease often?
  7. Does she laugh at all your jokes?
  8. Almost done ;) k so... what about insta
  9. Soooo clooosee... last real question tho.. does... she... like u
  10. Dont worry, that last one and this one doesnt affect anything... anyway... do u like the quiz??

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