club penguin- how well do you know DJ Cadence?

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Hello everyone! ^__^ i love DJ Cadence, alike you, and i thought i new everything there was to know about the girl, but i didnt! so i thought i would put you lot to the test!

just try your hardest ok? nd if you want really accurate results dont look at a picture of her while you do this ok??? good look with the result! now ill just put dots till its 150......

Created by: megurineMinion
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how is Cadence's name pronounced?
  2. what colour is cadence's body
  3. how does cadence's hair look?
  4. what is Cadence's puffle called?
  5. what is cadence's favourate snack?
  6. cadence more of a...
  7. who is cadence's inspiration?
  8. Cadence became 'notice' in which year?
  9. at the..
  10. how many songs has CADENCE done...hint: CADENCE
  11. what colour are cadence's wristbands
  12. Cadence's two best friends are..
  13. does cadence like ice cream
  14. what are her most popular parting words?
  15. the next 3 questions doesnt effect the results. Do you think CadenceXfranky is cute?
  16. do you think cadence suits her voice??? personally, i dont
  17. would you read my StompinbobXcadence fanfic if i told you its on Wattpad??
  18. bye!!

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Quiz topic: Club penguin- how well do I know DJ Cadence?